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A piano and/or organ are the centre pieces to your home or establishment and a valuable possession. Here are Affordable Piano Movers Los Angeles most trusted piano movers, can help you move your pianos/organs with the utmost professional knowledge of pianos. We understand what a large task moving a piano is, but we also know how to make sure it is done right. It is the only thing we move, unlike other moving companies, we specialize exclusively on moving your pianos.

We provide our services and Los Angeles piano movers at an affordable price, with great customer service and respectful service and are passionate about delivering your most prized possession the same way you entrusted it to us.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured; our piano moving equipment is specifically designed to do the one job- move pianos. There isn’t a situation that we are not prepared for; we can move a piano up and down flights of stairs, out of windows if necessary, balconies too! There is nothing that our equipment and our people can’t handle or haven’t been trained on. We are careful to not damage the piano, but as well as the home or establishment we are moving it out/in of.

Since we own all of our equipment we made sure they were outfitted specially for piano moving with extra padding/carpeting and allowing a capacity up to 2000 lbs. We also carry cargo insurance to ensure that your piano is fully covered during transit, we are also happy to say that our insurance is totally affordable because of the fact that we do anything and everything to ensure that we never encounter an issue with moving a piano.

Our services extend to:

· San Diego

· Orange County

· San Fernando Valley

“For the Lowest Price Possible!”
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Not only does our name say it, “Affordable Piano Movers & Storage” but we live up to it!

Reason #1
Piano moving companies come and go, but we have been in business for over twenty years!

Reason #2
The reason we are in business for so long is because we don’t receive claims!! We don’t damage your piano. It’s that simple.

Reason #3
Our piano moving equipment is specially designed to move pianos only! Whether you need your piano over a wall, through a window, up a balcony, down stairs or upstairs, we’ll get it there safely!!

Reason #4
We also carry “Cargo Insurance” which means your piano is fully insured during transit. Plus our trucks have a 2,000 lbs. capacity lift gate that gently raises your piano into our truck, the inside of our trucks are completely padded and carpeted for extra protection and completely enclosed!!

Reason #5
The best reason, why you can trust us with your piano is: That’s all we specialize in!!
“We only move Pianos!!!”

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