Your piano is a treasured instrument in your home, used for both its beautiful playing abilities and its attraction as a centerpiece. When moving, the rest of your belongings can be carefully packaged and transported on your own or with the help of a moving company, but your piano requires the care of a specialist.

Here are just a few reasons why you should seek a professional piano mover when transporting and storing your piano. With the right expert caring for your large, fragile instrument, you have peace of mind knowing your treasured belonging is in careful hands.

Your Piano Is Heavy

Your piano appears delicate and intricate in its design, but with thousands of moving parts and durable materials put into its construction, your instrument can easily weight 400 pounds or more. If you have a grand piano, it can even weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Moving that amount of weight on your own is a struggle. You need special floor pads, pulleys, ropes, and other tools to relocate your piano from one room to the next, out the door, and to a moving van for safe transport.

Rather than attempting this task yourself and risk injuring yourself or your precious piano, hire a professional moving company that specializes in the instrument to move it for you. The cost is minimal compared to the efforts and time it will take you to move your piano on your own.

Your Piano May Need Dismantling

Your instrument may need to be dismantled in order to transport it to its new location safely, particularly if your current or new location has several floors or the piano has to maneuver through various doorways and halls.

A professional piano mover will be able to take apart your piano, preserving its strings, foot pedals, and other important components of the instrument. Your piano mover will come to your home, examine your piano and the route it will take out of your home (and into its new location) before deciding if dismantling is the best option for transport.

Your Piano Can Cause Damage

Not only can your piano be damaged during the moving process if you try to relocate it on your own, but the hulking instrument can cause its own destruction as well. You may scratch or ding your walls, bend your door frames, and dent your stairwells in the process of moving a several-hundred pound piano on your own with little experience.

Preserve your current and future home by hiring a piano mover to relocate your instrument for you. Your piano mover will cover your piano in special blankets and use soft pads and other supplies to maneuver and manipulate your piano's direction. With these precautions, your piano mover will make sure your instrument and the rest of your home remains unscathed during the move.

Your Piano Needs Special Storage

A piano will become out of tune if it's not stored correctly during transportation or while it awaits arrival to its new location. Your piano will need to be fully covered and placed in a temperature-controlled space to protect its inner workings.

Your piano mover will be able to move your instrument successfully and store it for you at the same time. Taking the time to hire a professional for your piano's move saves you money by preventing you from having to pay for moving-related repairs or tuning once you are in your new home.

Do you need to move a piano to a new location? Trust the piano experts at Affordable Piano Movers & Storage. Our goal is to protect your fine instrument during your move.